What is the best area to live in Scottsdale AZ

What Is The Best Area To Live In Scottsdale AZ

If you are planning to move to Scottsdale, AZ, then you have made the right choice. It is why Scottsdale boasts of a very lovely warm, summer climate, and the friendliest people and neighborhoods. That not being the only reason Scottsdale AZ is home to the Grand Canyon, now that’s a selling point for those who are seeking a fun place.

Scottsdale, AZ, offers different areas for people of different calibers. There are different neighborhoods, from luxury homes to low-income homes.

But they all boost of good neighbors. But let’s look at the ones that are considered the best places to settle.

1.South Scottsdale


South Scottsdale has a semi-cosmopolitan vibe and offers something for all. In this area, one can get art galleries, and it’s known to host weekly art walks. Most of the people living here are middle-class, and a plus for this area is that it has a lot of job opportunities.

2. Downtown Scottsdale

Another famous area in Scottsdale is Downtown Scottsdale. It’s the most versatile and suited for young, city-lovers. It is because of its nightlife that is known to be vibrant hence attracting young bloods. It’s rated as the best neighborhood for young professionals and singles.

Mostly, a Real estate agent in Scottsdale will rate the housing costs at $499,000.

3. Gainey Ranch

If you want a family place, then this is the place to be. Gainey ranch boasts of a safe and clean environment and is a planned gated community. It also boasts of having the best high-end schools, golf courses, and areas that are specially for jogging, walking, and biking.All this will come at a cost since around this place, and the price goes up to $666,000.

5. McCormick Ranch

House in Arizona

Another top cream area to stay in Scottsdale is McCormick ranch. It’s well managed and organized community that boasts of a serene environment that has mountains and lakes. McCormick Ranch is best suited for young families because of the premium health services offered. The value of the property is $499,000.

6. Paradise Valley

To top it all up, I present the paradise valley. From the name, you know what to expect. It’s the most expensive in Scottsdale, the value being $2.0 million.

It’s far from the city but has all the amenities. ‘Beverly Hills of the Southwest’ offers a desert view that is an attraction for many tourists.I believe the information I have provided will help you locate a place to live in Scottsdale.