What Do You Do At Your First Basketball Practice

Basketball is one of the best gaming practices that you can engage in for leisure. It can also be a professional career for you. When it comes to training, however, your first practice might appear complicated and confusing.

You need, therefore, to have a plan on how you shall go about your first basketball practice. The mistake that most of us make is starting at a high intensity.

We also set our expectations high that we become disappointed quickly. If you plan to begin training on basketball, below are some of the tips that you consider paying attention to;

1. Set Realistic Goals


You need to shut down your imaginary goals and narrow them to what you can achieve. Your primary goals should be skills building, and this should be your primary focus. Make sure that you understand every player must start from the beginning.

2. Start with Body Exercises

Beginning the practice with some stretching activities will be a great idea. Excellent examples of these exercises include backpedaling, shuffling, and light jogging.

The purpose of body warm-ups is to get your body moving. It’s also a better way to understand your body’s controls, and creates balance. It will also help to improve your ability to change direction and speeds.

3. Learn the Instructions

Discipline is essential when it comes to playing basketball. You, therefore, need to learn all the rules and regulations of the game. If you fail to learn about the game, you’ll end up making a lot of mistakes while at the pitch.

4. Start learning the skills

Basketball is all about skills, and how quickly you can do them. Among the distinct skills that you must practice include dribbling, passing, defense mechanism, rebounding, and shooting. You also need to learn how to do reverse mikan drill, Start by observing the experts do it, learn how they do it, and put it into practice.


These are the four essential practices that you should consider in your first basketball practice. It’s possible that you will not catch all of it in your first practice. With subsequent trials, however, you’ll turn out perfect.