What Are Good Gifts For A 2 Year Old Boy

The good thing about 2-year-olds is that they are not as picky as their older counterparts. We often take for granted the things they find to be thrilling. For instance, they enjoy switching on and off the room’s lights so much that you would wish to buy them a toy that does exactly that. Here are the best toys for two-year-olds boys.

1. TOMY John Deere Dump Truck with Big Scoop and Sand Tools

What Are Good Gifts For A 2 Year Old Boy

Young boys love playing with trucks and cars. They love dirt, too, and that’s why this truck is the best gift you can ever buy to your son. At US$25, it comes with an array of tools to keep your boy busy in the sands for several hours. This toy may go a long way to inspire your son to start a construction empire later in life, you never know!

2. Astronaut Duvet & Pillowcase set

Who said kids must always play during the day? This astronaut takes the fun to the bedroom until the following morning.

This toy is half duvet half astronaut that your son can swaddle himself and dream about the voyage to the moon and back. It is quite costly, though; you’d fork out US$119.00 to take it home to Frank, but it’s worth every penny. Visit for more exciting toys.

3. LeapFrog Scout’s Learning Light Remote

This is the best gift to buy for your son if you don’t his fun activities not to always involve the energetic chase and pulls off playing Tarzan and racing all over the place.


This colorful remote will fascinate your 2-year-old son with sounds and lights at a push of a button. It is very much like your TV remove except that it won’t order any pay-per-view or change the channels.

4. WolVol Friction Powered Tanker Truck

This oil tanker produces fresh sounds and colorful lights that will leave your kid constructing roads all over your house. Lots of wheels! That is a recipe for the young man’s delight.