Generate an email in cam room (/:roomId/message) [POST demand]

Generate an email in cam room (/:roomId/message) [POST demand]

A very important factor to note here’s userIds, sort comes from req.body while userId that will be becoming aliased as chatInitiatorId is coming from req through the decode middleware.

Should you bear in mind, we attached app.use(“/room”, decode, chatRoomRouter); within our server/index.js file. What this means is this path /room/initiate is actually authenticated. Very const < userId:>= req; will be the id from the present user logged around.

We simply call all of our initiateChat system from ChatRoomModel and pass it allUserIds, sort, chatInitiator . Whatever consequences appear we simply move they for the consumer.

Nevertheless before we develop a note we should instead build a product for the chatmessages . So let us do this 1st. In your designs folder make a unique document also known as ChatMessage.js and incorporate listed here information to it:

  • We’ve got a MESSAGE_TYPES item which includes one means labeled as book
  • We are identifying the outline for chatmessage and readByRecipient
  • Subsequently our company is additional info creating every static way for createPostInChatRoom

I understand that is lots of content, but simply bear with me. Let’s only compose the controller for the path that brings this message.

For any route described within routes/chatRoom.js API (‘/:roomId/message’, chatRoom.postMessage) why don’t we visit the control in controllers/chatRoom.js and define they:

  • $fit
  • $finally
  • $addToSet
  • $lookup
  • $relax
  • $cluster

Discover conversation for a cam area because of it’s id [Get consult]

For the route .get(‘/:roomId’, chatRoom.getConversationByRoomId) in routes/chatRoom.js available the control inside document controllers/chatRoom.js and create here material with the talk place:

Immediately after which finally, go to your ChatMessage model in models/ChatMessage.js and compose a brand new fixed system known as getConversationByRoomId :

Mark a complete conversation as read (feature comparable to WhatsApp)

Once the other individual is actually logged in and so they see a conversation for a-room id, we must draw that discussion as read off their area.

All we have been doing here is very first examining if the area exists or not. When it does, we go ahead further. We take in the as currentLoggedUser and pass they towards following function:

A possible usage situation is the fact that the consumer might not have look at the latest 15 emails as soon as they open up a specific room talk. They should be marked as review. Therefore we’re utilising the this.updateMany function by mongoose.

This states i do want to look for most of the information content within the chatmessages collection in which chatRoomId fits and readByRecipients variety cannot. The userId that i will be driving to this features is actually currentUserOnlineId .

Next we should inform mongoose not to merely upgrade the first record it discovers, but also to update all the information where in fact the disease suits. Therefore doing this:

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In your root folder establish a folder known as config . Inside that folder establish a file called directory.js and incorporate here content material:

Right here the audience is advising it that firstName are of sort string. If user forgets to add this importance while hitting the API, or if perhaps the type is certainly not string, it’s going to throw an error.

We get the userId from our req.params . Should you decide bear in mind from the video early in the day, req.params will be the /: explained inside our ways section.

We are going to need that individual id therefore the client id (an individual’s very own special plug id that creates whenever they render a connection with these stay).

We’re with the make-validation library right here to confirm an individual’s consult. The start API, we count on an individual to deliver a range of customers but also define whatever the chat-room which are developed.