FSF and GNU move formal IRC stations to Libera.Chat network

FSF and GNU move formal IRC stations to Libera.Chat network

Consequent Freenode choices bring pushed united states to change our very own methods. Browse our very own change on FSF and GNU’s formal IRC position.

On 27th, we used a residential district fulfilling to discuss the ongoing future of the FSF and GNU venture’s formal position on online Relay Chat (IRC). Even though this appointment was called as an answer to recent alterations in the Freenode IRC community’s governance design, additionally, it provided all of us the opportunity to gauge the stability of talk protocols that had not become produced during the time of the FSF and GNU’s 2002 announcement to decide on Freenode as our formal IRC network.

Because of this fulfilling and the assessment, the FSF and GNU are determined to relocate the IRC stations to Libera.Chat. Successful straight away, Libera will be the official homes of our networks, which include however they are not restricted to those who work in the #fsf, #gnu, and #libreplanet namespaces.

On EDT (UTC ), we plan to forward any channels remaining inside the #fsf, #gnu, and #libreplanet namespaces regarding Freenode community for their matching ##fsf, ##gnu, and ##libreplanet counterparts. As per Freenode policy, channels with the ## prefix tend to be unofficial “topical” channel, and appropriately, they’re not going to feel moderated by GNU or FSF staff.

Take note the irc.gnu.org address, which has over the years directed on the Freenode system, is disabled on June 25th, to give any consumers however connecting because of this address adequate find.

It is important to highlight this particular decision is certainly not binding on GNU plan maintainers. But we receive GNU maintainers to join all of us and lots of some other no-cost pc software projects by moving into the Libera community. Maintainers are encouraged to email and their issues or issues.


Our decision-making procedure is twofold, and included considering the city feedback we received against a couple of conditions our employed cluster developed to determine a cam community’s acceptability to software versatility activists. This operating team ended up being pulled from both FSF and GNU, with Greg Farough for the FSF staff members joining Amin Bandali and Jason home, two long-time GNU webmasters and volunteers appointed by Chief GNUisance Richard Stallman, to analyze the problem.

  • Are you able to connect with the network utilizing solely no-cost software? Could it be an easy task to achieve this?
  • How might the community associates approach their particular jobs? Would they implement their own policies constantly and dependably?
  • Is the bigger people in a position to give meaningful feedback from the community’s governance and decision-making?
  • Include numerous cost-free pc software tasks and forums throughout the network?
  • Just what ways really does the community try maintain user anonymity?

Becoming software liberty activists, 1st of those information was actually by far the most important, together with more participation within our picking IRC over an alternate method. Having generated this choice, as soon as we had weighed town opinions we hookupdate.net/gaysgodating-review received along all of our standards and personal activities as Freenode station operators, the choice of Libera.Chat became clear.

Despite its era, IRC remains a good preferred of this free of charge applications neighborhood. Although we have been positive towards Matrix process and stays dedicated to after its development directly, we had been incapable of validate a full moving of this FSF and GNU’s official networks to a Matrix machine. Performing this would produce the unacceptable situation of encouraging a large number of users to perform nonfree pc software in the form of nonfree JavaScript, used from the leading servers to authenticate people.

FSF and GNU move recognized IRC stations to Libera.Chat community

As well, we could maybe not commit to moving totally to XMPP, which may impose some technical limitations on both customers and FSF personnel, and which will not supply a lot of compelling pros over IRC. We have also positively heard from quite a few people showing revived interest in the XMPP server the FSF provides as an associate at work membership benefit, therefore we are considering the potential for devoting most sources to it. To reiterate, though IRC stays a vital site for communication near GNU and FSF, we’re maintaining an unbarred mind and eye towards some other current or new interaction standards and software, including Matrix and XMPP, that help customers to speak in liberty.

Even as we have had almost two decades of positive encounters with all the Freenode staff, most of who today constitute the staff of Libera circle, we have been positive about her technical and social knowledge, as well as their capacity to improve circle as durable and major to the no-cost program people because they produced Freenode. We anticipate signing up for the large range free software and cost-free culture works who possess currently produced Libera.Chat their property, and hope to stay there for quite some time in the future.

The FSF and GNU profoundly value Freenode’s recent operators with their engagement in the community fulfilling, in addition to their patience while we create all of our changeover. We wish them the very best of fortune in their endeavors to guide no-cost software.