Fred Andrews. Frederick “Fred” Arthur Andrews ended up being a main character on CW’s Riverdale

Fred Andrews. Frederick “Fred” Arthur Andrews ended up being a main character on CW’s Riverdale

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Fred Andrews

Biographical Facts

  • Will 21, 1970 (aged: 50)


  • Freddy Andrews (by FP)
  • Mr. A (by Jughead)


  • Co-owner of Andrews Building


Reason behind passing

  • Struck by a motor vehicle (pushed by Jeffrey Augustine)



  • The Midnight Club(formerly)
  • Andrews Building
  • Lodge Industries

Family Relations

  • Artie Andrews † (daddy)
  • Virginia Andrews (mama)
  • Oscar Andrews † (cousin)
  • Frank Andrews(bro)
  • Mary Andrews(wife)
  • Archie Andrews(son)
  • Vegas(pet)



  • Luke Perry
  • KJ Apa(teen)

Initial Looks

Latest Appearance

Frederick “Fred” Arthur Andrews was actually a main dynamics regarding CW’s Riverdale. He was portrayed by late Luke Perry.

Fred was the master of Andrews development and Archie’s father. He dated Hermione Lodge in senior high school and soon after married Mary Andrews. They separated after over ten years of matrimony. Mary leftover community and gone to live in Chicago. After Mary kept Riverdale, it was just your clover in addition to their child, Archie, which triggered the pair of them establishing an even more powerful bond. As revealed throughout first period, Archie would prefer to put his mother than abandon their daddy and then leave your by yourself in Riverdale. This is proven when Archie declined their mother’s give to move to Riverdale.

In last season, Fred was murdered in a tragic hit-and-run while helping a complete stranger quietly of road. They were concentrating on the tire and a vehicle was released of nowhere, rushing towards all of them. The woman froze within its path, therefore Fred pressed the girl taken care of. The guy spared this lady lifestyle, and in case he hadn’t complete exactly what the guy did, she’d’ve passed away in the place of your.


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Fictional Character Information

a cool mother or father the master of a building business in town. He hopes that his daughter takes on top of the household trade down the road. [1]

Very Early Lives

Fred came to be on 21, 1970 to Arthur and Virginia Andrews at Riverdale General medical and increased in Riverdale. Like their daughter, the guy went to the regional high school, in which he took the baseball staff to two straight condition championships and is close friends with FP Jones, and shortly outdated Hermione Lodge, until she find the rich child, Hiram Lodge, over him, once they have a falling completely appropriate key Featherhead’s death. [2] . During those senior school age, Fred and FP spent a complete summer renovating a classic DW coach, that they after called “The Shaggin’ Wagon.” After that, they created a band their unique junior [2] 12 months labeled as “The Fred minds.” Obviously, this lured the attention of most women for Fred.

Fred’s grandfather had become ill along with 1992, during Fred’s junior year, as he was actually playing Gryphons and Gargoyles on high-school, their parent passed away. A new Fred, that has intends to play baseball and get a musician, offered it to get results at their father’s development companies, to honor their father’s storage. [2] After graduation, he annexed the parents business at 18. He later continued to wed Mary Andrews, and she would give birth their first and only youngster, Archie. Their particular commitment would not final in addition they separated. Both even have trouble staying in exactly the same room collectively without a mediator gift. So, Mary moved away to Chicago. At some point following the separation, Fred is faced with driving drunk though it’s after unveiled the guy got the blame for their cousin.

A long time before Fred started his career in development, the guy wanted being Mayor of Riverdale. The guy even used on become an urban coordinator in school aspiring to added their desired. It was however before their pops increased ill, pressuring your to defer his long-time fancy. He’d created a presentation for a course which he known as “Riverdale 2020.” A tiny community with a huge future.

Throughout Riverdale

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