Q. Is Mississippi Stand an organization?
A. Mississippi Stand is not an organization although it looks like one. What we are is a movement that aims to stop the continuous destruction of the cultural heritage and the natural surroundings that is brought about by the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. We are a call for action that hopes to make a positive change in the community.

Q. How to join this movement?
A. There are no formal memberships for you to be a part of the movement. All you need to do is express the intention and you are good to go. We are going to share with you the information you can spread to provide awareness to the people. We are also going to give you the materials. Any information that we have, we can share it with you.

Q. Do we need to pay for a membership?
A. We do not charge any membership fees here or similar charges. Signing up with us is for FREE. If you are really into pushing through with this fight, all the updates and latest information will automatically be sent to your emails when they are already available. All you need to do is to sign up for our newsletter. In that way, you will be more informed and you will not anymore need to go back and forth on this website.

Q. Is an account needed to access the uploads on this website?
A. An account is not mandatory. You can access this website anytime you want. You will only need an account once you decide to engage in the forum site. Otherwise, an account is not necessary.

Q. How do donate?
A. For donations in cash, you can send them to our PayPal account or through bank transfers. We discourage sending cash via mail. You can send a check instead under the name of the company. Aside from cash donations, donations in kind will be appreciated too.

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